Appointments can be made by phoning Kate on +61 2 9252 2433, or by emailing Kate at Alternatively, hit the link to the right to submit an appointment request. Our first appointment is at 8:00am and our last at 5:30pm. Appointments can generally be made within a 24 hour period. However, if due to demand there is no availability, every effort will be made to work something out for you (often opening appointment times beyond the above mentioned hours).

Please allow 30-40 minutes for initial consultations, and be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your initial appointment to quickly fill in some paper work. Appointments are 30 minutes long for follow-up (as needed) consultations. A HICAPS facility is available on site, so that you – the patient, can claim your refund immediately. The team at Monteith Physio are very time aware and pride themselves on seeing their patients on time. With a greater than 7 year history of providing physiotherapy services to the busy professional in Sydney CBD, you can be assured that your time is respected and the team will do their best not to keep you waiting.

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