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General Physiotherapy

If you have a musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction, a physiotherapist is who you need to see, and you have come to the right place with Monteith Physio, Sydney. A physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment, provide an accurate diagnosis, and appropriately treat and advise individuals who may be experiencing pain, or injury.The aim of physiotherapy is to aid in one’s recovery and maximise their potential for healing, helping them to return to sport or optimal daily function as soon as is possible.

People will typically come to see a physiotherapist if they are experiencing pain, movement limitation or dysfunction, weakness, changes to sensation (in the form of pins and needles or numbness), and/or impaired function in the activities of daily living.
 Physiotherapists will use a variety of treatment techniques, and these do depend on the particular patient presentation.

Some of which include joint mobilisations & manipulations, massage, taping and dry needling. Exercise therapy, or prescription, is also an integral component in physiotherapy and this includes strength retraining, balance training programs, postural re-education, stretching, neural stretching, and core stability/pilates exercises. A physiotherapist will treat all areas of the musculoskeletal system effectively. Whether the core of the problem is driven by a nerve, vessel, bone, joint, muscle, tendon or ligament, a physiotherapist is well trained to assess and treat your problem area. A skilled physiotherapist will perform a thorough examination and apply the appropriate treatment techniques to get you the results you want. If your problem is with a component of the musculoskeletal system, then a physiotherapist is who you need to see. The musculoskeletal system is our domain, that is where our expertise lie.

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Manipulative Physiotherapy

Manipulative physiotherapy is the addition of competent and accurate joint manipulation to your treatment. A physiotherapist who has returned to university to complete a 2 year post graduate qualification (Master of Health Science – Manipulative Physiotherapy) will be quite precise in joint manipulation. This particular treatment technique must be deemed necessary by your physiotherapist. Joint manipulation is not commonly applied at the first consultation, as your physiotherapist will use manipulation as a progression from joint mobilisation techniques. When seeing a titled manipulative physiotherapist, you can also expect that the assessment of your condition will be more thorough. An accurate diagnosis is the key to getting you better sooner.
 The most appropriate treatment techniques will be applied immediately if the correct diagnosis is reached at first assessment. There is no doubt that a master’s trained physio will assess you more thoroughly. A master’s trained physiotherapist also has a greater variety of treatment techniques available to them. This will allow them to address your complaint with a wider variety of treatment approaches. This is particularly beneficial if your condition fails to respond to the basic, or initial work, is persistent or recurring, or is quite complex in nature. People suffering with neck pain and headaches, upper back and rib pain, and low back pain will benefit most from seeing a physio who has a ‘manipulative’ title.
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Sports Physiotherapy

Monteith Physio understands that many people within Sydney CBD or Sydney City are active people. We also understand that sportsmen and women have different and quite specialised physiotherapy needs. Monteith Physio has had several years experience working with the elite patient group, and we are therefore ready and willing to treat your sporting concern.

Our team draws on this experience working with the elite level sports person to quickly and accurately diagnose your problem, we are familiar with the pressures surrounding deadlines and timeframes for important return to sport dates. Once a diagnosis has been reached and you have been educated on the condition, we are able to commence effective treatment sooner.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, a team player, a weekend warrior, or a recreational enthusiast across any sport, you can be confident that you are in expert hands with Monteith Physio. Whatever the injury, whatever the sport, we have seen it, and we have returned that injury to the playing arena in the shortest possible time frame. 

Our goal is your goal: ‘to get you to the stage where you are able to compete at your maximum potential, in your chosen sport, in the shortest possible time frame’.

At Our Sydney Physiotherapy Clinic we strive to provide the highest level of sports medicine services to assist athletes in their diagnosis and rehabilitation. Our close professional relationship with medical specialists within the Sydney CBD enables all athletes in our care access to the highest level of injury management. If you have a sports related injury, or are concerned with your ability to return to sport successfully, please call Kate on 9252 2433 to book your initial consultation today.

Patients suffering with ankle sprains and pain, knee ligament injuries, hip joint pain, shoulder pain and instability, & elbow and wrist pain will benefit most from seeing a sports physio. Call Kate today to book your initial consultation at Monteith Physio.

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Exercise Prescription and Programming

Exercise therapy, or prescription, is also an integral component in physiotherapy and this includes strength retraining, balance training programs, postural re-education, stretching, neural stretching, and core stability/pilates exercises. Our experienced physiotherapists at Monteith Physio, Sydney city, will prescribe exercises within each of the above categories at exactly the right point in your rehabilitation. 
It is also important that your exercise program is progressed at precisely the right time. At Monteith Physio, we are very exercise aware. You can be assured that when your treatment is complete and you have been discharged from our care, that you will have a comprehensive list of exercises.
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Cervical Pillow Assessment

A Cervical Pillow Assessment determines the best pillow for you. There are literally 1000’s of pillows out there on the market, so how do you determine which is the right pillow for your neck. At Monteith Physio, Sydney CBD, we do this for you. We take the stress and uncertainty away from you, and provide recommendations on the best way to support your neck while you are sleeping, allowing you to sleep more comfortably and function to the very best of your ability the following day, not distracted by annoying neck pain and stiffness.

Following an examination of your body type, neck range of movement and joint mobility, our experienced physiotherapists will make recommendations regarding the preferred pillow types for you. This advice is based on an extensive understanding of neck anatomy, pathology, sleeping postures and the very latest in scientific evidence available. 

We only stock the best brands of pillow. Brands that provide the best quality foam within their pillows, and we make these available to you at very reasonable prices.

This process I feel is essential for everyone. We spend 30-40% of our lives resting on these products. We should all put the time and effort into the selection process to ensure that our necks are well looked after every single night. This process allows you to trial different pillows, each with different levels of support, and together with our physiotherapist’s advice and feedback, you will have the tools to choose the right pillow for you. Please note that there is no direct treatment involved, however a pillow assessment is often incorporated into our neck rehabilitation programs.

Manipulative Physiotherapy in Sydney

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Our Sports and Exercise physiotherapy Clinic is conveniently located at Suite 301, Level 3/201 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000