After completing his Masters of Manipulative Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in 2010, Adam Monteith has opened his own Physiotherapy Practice. Adam Monteith is a highly skilled musculoskeletal physiotherapist. You can be assured that when you see Adam, your complaint will be thoroughly assessed, and he will use the most appropriate and up to date techniques to treat your problem.

Adam’s treatment will always be governed by research. He is constantly analysing the results of the most recent clinical trials so that you can receive the most up to date treatment, helping you to get better sooner. Adam only ever uses evidenced based and clinically proven treatment techniques. Adam Monteith is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Adam is very time aware and prides himself on seeing his patients on time. With a greater than 7 year history of treating and servicing the busy professional in Sydney city, he respects your time and does his best not to keep you waiting.

Experience: 19 years combined study & clinical experience in physiadamotherapy Worked in the heart of Sydney city for more than 7 years Worked with both the elite athlete & ‘weekend warrior’ Had great success in treating:Acute sporting injuries Overuse running & cycling injuries Post operative shoulders, hips, knees and ankles Complex neck & back cases

Work History: